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A sclerotherapy treatment is often considered the gold standard for treating unsightly spider veins and varicose veins. If you have visible or discolored veins, get expert treatment from a leading vein practitioner like Obinna Nwobi, MD. As the top vascular surgeon at Vein Health Clinics in Oviedo, Winter Haven, Apopka and Ocoee, Florida, Dr. Nwobi provides advanced in-office sclerotherapy treatments. Most men and women notice a visible improvement shortly after their first sclerotherapy procedure.

Sclerotherapy Q & A

How does sclerotherapy work?

For spider veins and smaller varicose veins, Dr. Nwobi injects a sterile chemical that irritates the lining of your veins. This forces treated veins to become hard and inflamed. Over time, blood circulation improves in deeper, healthier veins, because your treated spider veins gradually fade away.

With deeper varicose veins, Dr. Nwobi may perform an ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy procedure. During this treatment, Dr. Nwobi carefully injects a chemical solution into your affected veins with ultrasound imaging guiding him along the way. The walls of your treated veins start to collapse, which forces blood to reroute to other healthier veins.

Afterward, you have to wear compression socks for several days to help your treated veins remain closed off. Doing so reduces your risk of bleeding and helps with healing.

Does sclerotherapy have a long recovery time?

Not at all. The benefit of having an expert vascular surgeon like Dr. Nwobi perform your sclerotherapy is that he has extensive training in the safest minimally invasive techniques available.

You can expect to go right back to work or your regular activities after your procedure. It’s common to have some swelling and bruising afterward, although these side effects gradually disappear within a few weeks.

Is a sclerotherapy procedure painful?

Most patients feel little to no pain during a sclerotherapy procedure. It’s possible that you’ll feel some burning or cramping with the injection solution, but this is usually well tolerated. If you’re in pain during your procedure, let Dr. Nwobi know, as this can be a sign that the solution is leaking and he needs to reinject it.

Will I need more than one sclerotherapy treatment?

With spider veins and smaller varicose veins, you may only need one treatment. After your sclerotherapy, your treated veins fade over the following days and weeks. It could take several months to notice full results though.

Dr. Nwobi lets you know what to expect and whether it’s likely that you’ll need an additional procedure. If you do need a further sclerotherapy treatment, it’s usually best to wait four to six weeks between sessions.

If you’re living with unsightly varicose veins or spider veins, schedule a sclerotherapy consultation at Vein Health Clinics either online or over the phone.